April 11, 2019

Bioactive Regenerative Materials and Their Impact on Dental Restoration

By Jack D. Griffin, Jr., DMD

This article covers bioactive regenerative materials and how they may create new opportunities for restorative dentistry. These materials may offer advances that go beyond the merits of glass-ionomers. The article describes bioactive materials in relation to healing, acid neutralization, and prevention of further damage. Specific materials covered include resin-modified glass-ionomer cement, Giomers, bioactive composites, and bioactive ceramics. The article also briefly describes how to use bioactive materials in specific cases. 


  • Discuss how to create a regenerative environment.

  • Review problems with posterior composites and how to circumvent them. 

  • Discuss advances in dental materials that promote tissue repair.

About the Author

Jack D. Griffin, Jr., DMD
Private Practice
Lake St. Louis, Missouri

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